Customer Dashboard

Get insights into traffic growth and the success metrics that validate it.

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Track leads & sales

Track leads and sales against marketing channels to understand what is driving real business.

Monitor marketing channels

Monitor all marketing channels and the success metrics that validate them.

Track keyword rankings

Track important keywords rankings over time to measure the impact of my SEO efforts.

Track internal data

Measure marketing channels against your internal company data to understand what is growing your sales.

Completely Customisable

The dashboard is a complete all in one business dashboard to fit your tracking needs.

Access Anytime

Dashboard updates real time and is accessible by you 24/7.


About Me

I have a broad skill set that I have built up over the past 11+ years in digital marketing. This enables me to deliver sales through various channels and strategies and includes SEO, SEM, Remarketing and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram paid media. - Pierre Laing

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